Prices and Fees

Board includes feeding, cleaning, watering, grooming, and blankets (supplied by owner).  Supplements (provided by owner) are fed at no additional charge.

Board $400/mo.

Full time training includes five rides per week.

Full time training with board $800/mo.

Haul-in lessons $40/hr. 

Fees reflected below are for showing horses in full-time training.  Contact us for fees related to showing horses not in training.

Day fee $35/horse per show day
*Includes horse prep, supplies, and grooming*

Banding $25/horse

Braiding will be hired out at cost

Tack room and camping fees divided among clients

Other show fees will be billed as incurred based on the fee charged by the show including bedding, class fees, grounds fees, etc.

Hauling $0.70/mi.
*(3 horse minimum on trailer)

We will work with you to represent your horse to the best of our ability, market, and promote your horse to get it in the right new home.

Full commission sale 10% of sales price
*Includes sale video, photos, showing horse to potential buyers, and placement on our website and youtube*

Sale video only $75
*Includes sale video, photos, and placement on our website and youtube*

Prior to arriving, all horses must provide copy of current (within a year) negative Coggins, Rabies, and 4-way vaccine